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About – Shelby

Six Weeks with Shelby is an adventure and journey of two people, Shelby and Jon Barry. What begins in Carrabelle, Florida in early October and ends in late November of 2010, portrays a short business relationship between photographer and model in the beginning, to very best friends, by trip's end. Though this book is about the intense photographic artwork they made, their story is about the times they had and the very close relationship they developed over these six weeks as they traveled from Florida through seven states to Louisiana.


Shelby! Click here or the photo for gallery page.
My partner on a fantastic journey of a six week duration.


Shelby was 18, from Daytona, Florida, a recent cosmetology graduate, and she was broke. I was an aging photographer of 66, from Louisiana, and we met in Carrabelle, Florida for a, several day, photographic session. When she left Carrabelle to return to Daytona, we still had some loose ends to tie up.

Several days later when I saw her again, I learned that she had only a dollar to her name. I was looking for someone to photograph in the fall colors of the mountains in the Carolinas, and Shelby had emailed me that she was wanting to come along. It took her three times asking me before I finally decided to take her with me. She was hoping to make some money over the course of what was then to be a ten day trip.

This book and its story is more about me and how I changed over the next several weeks, my growing to be very close to her, becoming friends, and how I got to know her, appreciate her, and love her. At some point I began to wish I was 20 years or more younger.


Six Weeks with Shelby

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