Six Weeks with Shelby - Chapter 01
DSC7803 2 a  A journey beyond photography, by Jon B Barry DSC9167 hh  A journey beyond photography, by Jon B Barry DSC4637  Stormy morning at Eastpoint, Florida.
DSC1833 2 pp2  Shelby in Carrabelle at the beginning of our first afternoon of shooting. img001  In memory of my father, Simmons Barry, born July 15, 1917,  died March 9, 1999, of ALS “Lou Gehrig’s Disease;” and  my mother, born Noblet Beryl Huye on January 28, 1922,  and presently suffering from severe Alzheimer’s. DSC2286  Grand Isle, Louisiana, at sunset.
DSF6116  Fiery sunrise along the Amite River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. DSC3314 a 3  Shelby wearing her black wig in the Hat Room of Hotel Alice . DSC2155 copy  An oyster fisherman beginning his day in Eastpoint, Florida.
DSC6728 n  Under US Highway 1 bridge at daybreak in Melbourne, Florida. DSC8817 copy  Jon B Barry, Author: Photo credit: Amanda Renee Stelly DSC6636 a  Spectacular sunrise on the Baton Rouge skyline.
DSC2105  House in Carabelle: I rented the house at 301 River Road in Carrabelle, Florida.  We had a private dock and many other amenities. With the deck shown in the photo above facing east, we were rewarded with a fantastic sunrise view each morning DSC1597  In Carrabelle Bay, driftwood tree washed ashore by a hurricane DSC1629  Brielle in the driftwood tree.
DSC1713  Brielle in our first shoot on Carrabelle Sound. DSC1274  Brielle in the water at Carrabelle Beach. DSC1351  Brielle attracts the critters. Here she is and the dogs were coming from all directions.
DSC3245 copy 2  A common white Livingston egret fishes for his food in the sunrise over the bay at Carrabelle. DSC0828 copy  I ate in one of the local Carrabelle restaurants and met a most wonderful couple. They were happily married for years and years. DSC0773  Bonnie eating with me in the Carrabelle restaurant.
DSC0822  Bonnie eating creamed spinach soup. DSC0783  Author Jon B Barry slurping down oysters in the restaurant with Bonnie. DSC4917 2a  I never saw any large oyster boats at Eastpoint. I wondered where they were because all the locals were telling me about the huge volume of oysters the sound produced. All the oysters I ate there were very small, but tasty.
DSC0952  Brielle at an early morning sunrise shoot at Eastpoint, FL. DSC1106  Brielle in Carrabelle. I photographed her three times while I was in the Florida Panhandle. DSC1028  Brielle at Eastpoint.
DSC2232  Sunrise over the Carrabelle Bay. DSC3807 a  This feisty blue crab was stranded in a puddle at low tide. DSC4446 w  Whitney-AKA Lydia at the Honey Lake Plantation near Tallahassee.  I was with Lydia when we discovered Carrabelle.
DSC4473A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5190A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4697 bw  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC4685A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5453  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5554  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC5659  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5768  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5794  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC5878A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5453 bw  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5429A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC5404  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5296A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5290A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC5200  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5197  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4643 2  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC4856  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5262A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC5221A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC4997  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4797A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4697  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC4595  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4586  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC4516  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation.
DSC4507A  Whitney at Honeylake Plantation. DSC3701 2 pp a  Toni - AKA Bonnie was the first model I photographed in Carrabelle. DSC8939  Bonnie in the tall green weeds.
DSC9074A  Bonnie off of the Carrabelle River. DSCF2612  Bonnie on the step leading down to the Carrabelle River. DSC9465  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC9141  Toni in Carrabelle. DSCF2617  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC0282  Bonnie in the Gulf at Carrabelle Beach.
DSC0742  Bonnie shows her love for crustaceans...especially crabs...for the moment. DSC9383  Toni in Panacea. She was blessed with wind induced pregnancy. DSC9391A  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC9310  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC9621A  Toni in Panacea. DSC9472A  Toni in Panacea.
DSC9425A  Toni in Panacea. DSC9256A  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC9914  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC9898  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC9834  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2410  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC9776  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2386A  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2380  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC2359  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2337  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2328A  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC2310  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2289  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2245  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC0876  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC0903  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC0232  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC9180  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2187  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC2172  Toni in Carrabelle.
DSC2156  Toni in Carrabelle. DSC0218  Jon B Barry in Carrabelle. DSC1453 h  Michelle came to Carrabelle about a week after Bonnie and I arrived. She came with her fiancé and they spent a week with us.
DSC0102  Michelle in Hell's Kitchen near Carrabelle. DSC0238A  Michelle came with her boyfriend from Arkansas. They were there concurrently for five days with Bonnie. DSC0402 kala-beach  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf.
DSC2899  Michelle on her last morning in Carrabelle. DSC9106A  Toni in Hell's Kitchen near Carrabelle. DSC3059  Michelle wearing live earrings.
DSC0683 toni Kala  Toni and Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC0569  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf. DSC9995  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC1965  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC3285  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC3207  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC3142  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC0320A  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC1949  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC1939  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC1925  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC1827  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC1797  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC1641  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC1559  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC1541  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC0407 kala bw  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf. DSC1509  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC3036  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC2988  Michelle in Carrabelle. DSC2934  Michelle in Carrabelle.
DSC0165 DSC3336  Michelle on the boardwalk in a deserted subdivision in Carrabelle. There were many many subdivisions like that and it made for great private places to work. DSC0473A  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf.
DSC0423 kala beach bw  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf. DSC0361A  Michelle on Carrabelle Beach surf. DSC0105  Callie came to Carrabelle with Reid Windle and I worked with her two days before I shot Shelby the first time.
DSC8754  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8299  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8387  I was working with Callie while Reid was working with Shelby down the street from us. I turned and took my first photo of Shelby.
DSC8358  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8259  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8257  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8250  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8956  Shelby and Callie on our first day of shooting them in Carrabelle. DSC9086  Callie on the balcony of our Carrabelle house.
DSC9236  Shelby with Callie and Reid. DSC3499  Callie on the stairwell of our house in Carrabelle. DSC8557  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8654  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8633  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8592  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC0086  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9861  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8555  Callie in Carrabelle.Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8497  Callie in Carrabelle.Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8464  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9974  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8423  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8563  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC0348  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC0350  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9342  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9207  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8789  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8742  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9627  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC9536  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC3576  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9375  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC3545  Callie in the backyard of Carrabelle. DSC9405  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9127  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC3480  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9074  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC3449  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC9054  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8819  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8931  Callie in Carrabelle.
DSC8888  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC8864  Callie in Carrabelle. DSC9748 copy  With a mild fog or haze, I was able to catch the light of the early morning. I loved the hazy look that I was seeing.
DSC0514  Eastpoint is due west of Carrabelle. On three different occasions I was there for the sunrise and the early activity of the oyster fishermen. I never saw any large oyster boats, and I feel sure that for Carrabelle and Apalachicola, oystering is a cottage industry. DSC9544 copy  Birds of all varieties, including this willet, abounded along any stretch of beach. DSC9358  This gentleman is the man who told me about the Dwarf Cypress Swamp.
DSC8852 b  I became fascinated by all the little colorful crabs that were present everywhere. This particular tiny ghost crab must have been an alpha crab, because while most of them fled upon my appearance, this one challenged me. I let him win. Big of me I think. DSC9709  The sunrises in the Carrabelle area were always stupendous for the duration of my stay there. Each morning I was up before the sun, and ready with my camera in a location I knew would produce good results. DSC0698 a copy  The colors I saw and photographed were truly amazing. Eastpoint was one of my favorite spots in the Carrabelle area.
DSC2598  One of the many monarchs I saw. I expected them to gang up for their annual migration to Mexico, but on this trip, I never saw it happen. DSC2274 copy  The bartender at the Gibson Hotel in Apalachicola told me that the best oysters in the world come right out of the Apalachicola Bay. But I know better. Nothing beats the Louisiana oyster. DSC0309  Bonnie in a store in Apalachicola, FL sporting her new ring.
DSC9903  Toni on the floor at daybreak. DSC2123  Toni on the back porch. DSC9831 bw  Toni on the floor at daybreak.
DSC0420  Getting ready for the morning run to the oyster beds, these two men came with their entire families. DSC4811  Michelle in Eastpoint. DSC4770A  Michelle in Eastpoint.
DSC4737  Michelle in Eastpoint. DSC4680  Michelle in Eastpoint. DSC4659  Michelle in Eastpoint. I used this location for shooting Shelby on my last morning with her in Carrabelle. Reid Windle acted as lookout for that shoot. I was alone with Michelle when we shot there and there were way too many people there for her to get naked.
DSC2175 copy  This old boat supplied me with two wonderful sessions with two different models. DSC0413  I learned that with a bit of hard work, these guys can make $500 a day doing their trade. But I think oystering must also be a social thing. DSC0453  Eastpoint was right near Carrabelle, and I would arise early in the morning so I could catch the oyster fishermen on their way to the oyster beds.
DSC2104 g  We wished this boat was available to us. DSC4784 copy  An oysterman almost ready to make his daily trip to the public oyster beds. These beds are fished so often that today most of the oysters are on the smallish side. DSC2180 copy  As each day grew closer to fall, the light got even better. The mornings were spectacular.