Six Weeks with Shelby Chapter 33
DSC7770 shelby-grand-isle DSC7767 2 a  Sound asleep in the camp’s front bedroom. DSC7782 shelby-grand-isle
DSC7792 shelby-grand-isle DSC7784 shelby-grand-isle DSC7786 shelby-grand-isle
DSC7812 shelby-grand-isle  Shelby in the morning was really a special woman.. DSC7809 shelby-grand-isle  Well, maybe she is not always so special as I thought. Just joking. DSC7780 shelby-grand-isle bw
DSC7780 shelby-grand-isle  Every woman needs to wake up like Shelby does. DSC7772 2 a  I could not take a bad photo during this time in Grand Isle. But our trip and adventure was almost over, and I knew I would miss her terribly. We had such a wonderful time. DSC7803 2 a  Shelby on our first morning at Grand Isle, Louisiana.
DSC7805 2 a  Playful and fun, flirtatious and happy, Shelby had certainly had a good time. DSC7823 t  A little deviousness while we were eating breakfast. DSC7825 grand isle
DSC1767 w  Shot by Shelby: A portrait of me on that second to last day came out fairly well. DSC7815 t  Shot by Shelby: Mourning doves were all over the electric wires outside the camp. DSC1755 y  Starting her seagull chase.
DSC7818 r  Waiting for breakfast, and getting ready for the day, we were both excited by the prospects of further exploring the island. DSC1790 2 a  Shot by Shelby: We wandered out onto the dunes, and Shelby caught me being goofy. DSC1815 grand isle
DSC1821 grand isle DSC1820 r  Now this was the flirtatious Shelby at her best. DSC1803  Shot by Shelby: We could tell winter had begun. The flowers of every plant were putting out their seeds.
DSC7829 2 a  Even with the sun in her eyes, Shelby could make good eye contact with the camera. DSC1809 a  Shot by Shelby: I was checking out the photos I took, and Shelby evidently saw the long shadows and caught this surprise photo. DSC7841 2 a b  We leisurely toured the island. We both knew our journey was close to an end.
DSC1807 h  Weeds lit by the late afternoon at Grand Isle. DSC1819 2 a  Shelby got her stitches out the day before she left for Daytona. DSC1757 e  Shelby chasing the seagulls from the dock.